Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Substance Propositions

Substance Propositions is an installation based work that merges collected mechanic and domestic materials with organic matter. Relationships between nature and fabricated elements of our environment are re-imagined in which the hybrid specimens interact as poetic effigies that take on a spirit of their own through the distinct re-articulation of materials. The work is still yet animate and seeks to reshape meaning and matter.

Materials: Various mechanistic/ domestic materials, wire, plugs, ear phones, various string and thread, pins, insulation, panty hose, carpet underlay, rubber balloons, vasiline, calking, spray foam, cigarette, paper, acrylic latex paint, mirror, q-tips, matches, plastic ear inserts, VHS ribbon tape, hair, bees wax, sugar, sparkles, feathers, birds wing and feet, hornet, seal bones, semi-precious stones, dried flowers, burdock, wild cucumber, snake grass, purple cone flower, maple seed pods, bark, pine cones and other various organic matter.

Substance Propositions has been shown at the GOSA Gallery at the University of Manitoba, University Centre. from March 28-April 8, 2011. And is now showing in a group show context at aceartinc. 2-290 McDermot Ave. in Winnipeg, MB.